Friday, 30 June 2017

Gina Ahrens Design Team Challenge- June- Journal Page

       This months challenge for Gina's Design Team was to do a journal page using Gina's products. I found this very relaxing and a lot of fun, giving me a chance to experiment with some colours and also with stamping on some fabric.

The process can be seen below:

I've used colours I don't normally use like shades of brown and also used Gina's stamps as a layer on the background before gluing down the focal image of the calico stamped flowers.
Here is a picture of the final layout:


Friday, 16 June 2017

Mix and Match Paper Dolls

Todays' paper project was an absolute joy to do using the SUSIE CLOUDS Confetti Paper Pad. There was a small amount of time preparing some templates and once they were done, it was a matter of drawing round them onto the paper and cutting them out.

The circle shaped dolls were cut out and then had scraps of paper glued down onto them which made them a crazy mix and match of colours.

The process can be seen in the video:

Some pictures of the finished dolls below:

Circle Dolls
These were made by gluing scrap pieces of the patterned paper down onto an already cut out template.

Flower Dolls
My flower girls were pattern pieced together using glue.

These were fun to make and I think they turned out rather cute. One of the above designs will be used in my final project using SUSIE CLOUDS products at the end of my week.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017


After preparing a few little embellishments from SUSIE CLOUDS paper,I am finally up to using them in this funky pocket letter. The papers in SUSIE CLOUDS paper pad are great to use in a mix and match style. I had so much fun working out what, where and how to place them all.

A pocket letter is made by cutting nine pieces of paper 2 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch and then decorating them as you like. Then you fill the back of each pocket with little goodies so the person receiving it can use them in their projects. I decorated the pocket letter with some small embellishment and die cuts from the paper pad and also used some of the stamps from the Modular Floral stamp set.

For this pocket letter I use the CONFETTI CRAFT paper pad from SUSIE CLOUDS

 The final outcome was a very FUNKY looking pocket letter.

View of the back

Front view

The whole process from start to finish is below.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Using punches and dies with SUSIE CLOUDS

The next phase in my working and trying out the Susie clouds paper was to use it with some hand punches and my Big Shot. Mainly, to get some embellishments cut for a few other projects and also to see what the paper was like using these tools. It stood up to it very well. This paper is a very good quality and the colours are wonderful.

The picture shows a few of the final punched pieces

You can see for yourself by watching the video below:

So, when you pop back, the next post will be actually putting a projects together.


Saturday, 10 June 2017

Reviewing SUSIE CLOUDS paper pad and stamp set

I was emailed a few months ago and asked if I'd like to do a review on a stamp set and paper pad that is sold by SUSIE CLOUDS. Wow!!! So exciting for me and of course, I said yes!

I thought the best way to try out these Australian based products by doing a few small projects and having them in a big final project. Well, that's a

To start with, after looking at the stamp set Modular Floral, I was very keen to try the very small stamps on inchies. So this was my first project....making inchies using the SUSIE CLOUDS STAMPS.

To make the inchies I used the cardboard backing on the paper pad because one side was white and the other had a black background with white spots on it. I thought that would be a great backing for the inchies.

I measured the inchies on the backing cardboard, one inch square, Then used some distress daubers to add a splash of paint as the background. I also used the SUSIE CLOUDS stamps to add another layer to the background. When I was happy with the background I cut the one inch squares out. I proceeded to then use the stamps by either plain stamping on the inch squares or by using embossing ink and powder with the stamps to see how they would fare. The worked rather well and I was very pleased with the outcomes.
 You can view my process video by clicking below:

Introduction Video

Here is a shot of the finished inchies...

Process video using SUSIE CLOUDS stamp set

Modular Floral is a set of 34 stamps based off a little set of hand cut eraser stamps Each stamp is meant to be a part of a plant, and the set can be used to make layered floral/plant scenes or bold graphic patterns. 
The pattern block set is a series of geometric shapes with equal side lengths, designed in a way so they can be endlessly tesselated to create motifs, mandalas or patterns.

If you’d like to check out the webstore at or you’ll be able to see more samples of how to use the stamps.

Thanks for stopping by...I'm off to do my next project for SUSSIE CLOUDS. See you then!

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