Thursday, 23 June 2016

My pages in Robyn's travelling Garden Journal

I don't really have a garden at our place. We have bush out the back yard full of trees and a small garden out the front with ferns and cactus plants in it, so I decided to go with my imagination with what lives in Robyn garden journal and make the page very colourful and whimsical. I used quite a few stickers, which I don't nornally do but I did enjoy sticking them down. I've placed some fairies around, some dragonflies, some butterflies and an assortment of little insects. I also used some dimensional flowers which have a little gem on them. All in all, I think the pages came together so lovely. To finish it off, I made up a little peom about the garden and wrote it on a tag.

 Hope it gives you some enjoyment Robyn. Thank you.

Friday, 17 June 2016

ICAD 2016 Challenge

I have been keeping up with the ICAD challenge. Below are the next ICADs, numbers 7 to 12. Hope you enjoy.      #7

Saturday, 11 June 2016

My Layout in Gail's Aussie Traveling Journal

I have finally finished working in Gails beautiful journal. The title of her journal is 'DAYS GONE BY". With this double spread I have tried to blend the outdoors with the indoors with the background colours I chose to recall my childhood where I would be out on my bike riding around all day with friends and I would always put some food in a brown paper bag and place it in my bike basket, for when I was hungry or to share with friends. On the right side, I was recalling our watching television which was a black and white set. We were allowed to watch about an hour in the evenings and my two sisters and myself loved watching Skippy, The bush Kangaroo. While we watched the telly, mum would be putting our hair in rags, to curl our hair...and we would sleep with them in. It was so uncomfortable but made beautiful ringlets in our hair. Thank you.

Taking up the 2016 ICAD Challenge

Thought I would like to try the Index Card A Day (ICAD) Challenge that is facilitaed by Daisy Yellow. This is their annual challenge, this being the 6th.The pictures below show my first 6 ICADs.

I have process videos on You Tube if you feel inclined to watch. My channel is my name. You are also given prompts but so far I have chosen my own. It runs over a period of 61 days and I think I will do my own until I need help with prompts.

February 2019 Calender Page

The prompt for this month was Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose. The piece of art at the top was made from scribbling textas onto a piece of acet...