Friday, 16 June 2017

Mix and Match Paper Dolls

Todays' paper project was an absolute joy to do using the SUSIE CLOUDS Confetti Paper Pad. There was a small amount of time preparing some templates and once they were done, it was a matter of drawing round them onto the paper and cutting them out.

The circle shaped dolls were cut out and then had scraps of paper glued down onto them which made them a crazy mix and match of colours.

The process can be seen in the video:

Some pictures of the finished dolls below:

Circle Dolls
These were made by gluing scrap pieces of the patterned paper down onto an already cut out template.

Flower Dolls
My flower girls were pattern pieced together using glue.

These were fun to make and I think they turned out rather cute. One of the above designs will be used in my final project using SUSIE CLOUDS products at the end of my week.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017


After preparing a few little embellishments from SUSIE CLOUDS paper,I am finally up to using them in this funky pocket letter. The papers in SUSIE CLOUDS paper pad are great to use in a mix and match style. I had so much fun working out what, where and how to place them all.

A pocket letter is made by cutting nine pieces of paper 2 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch and then decorating them as you like. Then you fill the back of each pocket with little goodies so the person receiving it can use them in their projects. I decorated the pocket letter with some small embellishment and die cuts from the paper pad and also used some of the stamps from the Modular Floral stamp set.

For this pocket letter I use the CONFETTI CRAFT paper pad from SUSIE CLOUDS

 The final outcome was a very FUNKY looking pocket letter.

View of the back

Front view

The whole process from start to finish is below.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Using punches and dies with SUSIE CLOUDS

The next phase in my working and trying out the Susie clouds paper was to use it with some hand punches and my Big Shot. Mainly, to get some embellishments cut for a few other projects and also to see what the paper was like using these tools. It stood up to it very well. This paper is a very good quality and the colours are wonderful.

The picture shows a few of the final punched pieces

You can see for yourself by watching the video below:

So, when you pop back, the next post will be actually putting a projects together.


Saturday, 10 June 2017

Reviewing SUSIE CLOUDS paper pad and stamp set

I was emailed a few months ago and asked if I'd like to do a review on a stamp set and paper pad that is sold by SUSIE CLOUDS. Wow!!! So exciting for me and of course, I said yes!

I thought the best way to try out these Australian based products by doing a few small projects and having them in a big final project. Well, that's a

To start with, after looking at the stamp set Modular Floral, I was very keen to try the very small stamps on inchies. So this was my first project....making inchies using the SUSIE CLOUDS STAMPS.

To make the inchies I used the cardboard backing on the paper pad because one side was white and the other had a black background with white spots on it. I thought that would be a great backing for the inchies.

I measured the inchies on the backing cardboard, one inch square, Then used some distress daubers to add a splash of paint as the background. I also used the SUSIE CLOUDS stamps to add another layer to the background. When I was happy with the background I cut the one inch squares out. I proceeded to then use the stamps by either plain stamping on the inch squares or by using embossing ink and powder with the stamps to see how they would fare. The worked rather well and I was very pleased with the outcomes.
 You can view my process video by clicking below:

Introduction Video

Here is a shot of the finished inchies...

Process video using SUSIE CLOUDS stamp set

Modular Floral is a set of 34 stamps based off a little set of hand cut eraser stamps Each stamp is meant to be a part of a plant, and the set can be used to make layered floral/plant scenes or bold graphic patterns. 
The pattern block set is a series of geometric shapes with equal side lengths, designed in a way so they can be endlessly tesselated to create motifs, mandalas or patterns.

If you’d like to check out the webstore at or you’ll be able to see more samples of how to use the stamps.

Thanks for stopping by...I'm off to do my next project for SUSSIE CLOUDS. See you then!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Gina Ahrens Design Team Challenge for May - CHARMS

The challenge for this months design team challenge using Gina Ahrens' stamps and products was to use them to make some sort of charm or shrinky. I chose to make some charms that could be used as keyrings or to hang off the side of an art journal.

I was lucky to receive some small square ply pieces from a swap, so I used them as a base to decorate with Ginas' stamps and digi word downloads. I also made some paper layered beads and both these projects can be viewed in the video below....enjoy!!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Making my Round 5 Aussie Traveling Journal

I have spent the past five days getting my round 5 journal ready to send out for another exciting adventure. While deciding what I wanted to make, I came across the lace covered envelope that was sent to me by Faye in a recent flowish journal swap and I knew I really wanted to use this as my cover. It is sturdy and flexible and light wieght, and would be great for traveling around our beautiful country to other artists.

 This is what the fabric covered envelope from Faye looked like on the outside.

This is the inside of the cover also showing the cardboard strips for the spine

I cut the size I wanted, 7inches by 9 inches which to me is a comfortable size to use. Then I grabbed my bronze acrylic paint and brushed it over the outside cover...I was in a 'bronze' coloured mood...LOL

 I had to strengthen the spine so I cut two rounghly 1 inch strips that I used to place on the inside and outside of the spine. It wasn't staying glued with the wet glue I had on hand so I ended up sewing the strips together using my old but working sewing machine and even though a little crooked, it turned out fine. I also painted the strips in bronze to match the patch painting I had on the cover.

 Sewing the two strips on for the spine wasn't as hard as I first thought it would be. I just took my time and went slow so I didn't break the needle.
 I was very happy with the way the outside cover of my journal was looking but for the inside I wanted something a bit different, so I glued down a heap of magazing words onto a piece of paper and then photocopied the word covered paper in black and white.

This is the sheet of paper I used to glue down the magazine words then photocopy

I then used black paint to paint around the edges of the inside cover.

And then used double sided tape and a glue stick to glue down the photocopies on the inside front and back cover of my journal...I liked it a lot and it was different.
Once happy with my cover I ripped the 130gsm pages, 7x9 in,  for the journal and used a basic phamphlet stitch with three holes and using organza ribbon to sew them in to the cover.  As you can see in the picture above.

I am very happy with the look and feel of my journal for Round 5 in our Australian Art Journal Swap and I look forward to seeing and working in all the other journal in this round. Thank you xox

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


I was looking at all the wonderful amazing layouts already done in Natasha's Goddess journal and giving myself a bit of a hard time as to what I wanted to do that would even compare to the already fabulous pages, so I did quite a lot of thinking and then a bit more....then one night when I was sitting on our balcony looking up into the amazing sky, I started wondering if there was a 'moon goddess'. Hmmm..., there should be, so that's when I did a little research and what do you know, there definitely was moon goddesses.

When I started my page I tried to capture the stillness of the night and the solitude of the full moon just sitting there being as glorious as it could be. I gessoed my page and used the shades of blue I could find in my stash, drew a huge circle on the page and I was set to bring my page to life. To get some shading over the moon I used a sponge and some vintage ink and it looked pretty cool. I painted my mixed blue background but it wasn't what I really wanted, it just looked like a full moon over the ocean so I ended up using some black acrylic paint to darken around the edges of the page which to me gave it a more mysterious stillness effect. I really liked the way it was shaping up.

This is my background done....

After I felt completely happy with my background, I actually left it for a couple of days to give me time to decide on what to do as my focal point for my Goddess. I was so thrilled when I was flicking through an old magazine and I found this rather large image of a lady and lo' and behold, I had my focal point, well, my symbolic Goddess. I splattered some white paint on the background and then used a tacky glue to paste her down. She was just the right size to fit on the right hand side of the pages and she looks like she is gazing down at the moon. When I was pleased with my layout I then remembered that I had to paint the flaps of the pages that folded down and up....then I was finished.

I added a small tag Natasha had provided and on the bottom flap that turned up I wrote 'Goddess of the Moon'...leaving out an actual name added to the mystery of her.

Natasha's journal is now on it's way back to her and I'm sure she is going to find all the work done in it amazing just as I did.

You can view my process by clicking on the video below

 Thank you and Have a great day! xox

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Birdies and Elephants

This is my recent project which was inspired by the lovely Laurie Richardson Haley on YouTube. Laurie has a series called her 'Tea cup Cuties' where she draws the pattern and then proceeds to put them together. I had a lot of  fun drawing my shapes for the birdies and the elephants and then making them look cute. I didn't do a process video on making them as these were put together over a few weeks, whenever I got bored with other projects but you can see the 'showing' video clicking below.......

Below are some pictures of the birdies and elephants...

Front view                                                                               Back view

and the elephants are quite finished yet as I decorate them inbetween other projects but the bases are done.....

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

3D STICKERS - a Gina Ahrens Design Team Challenge

For April our challenge was 'stickers' and boy, oh boy!!!...I was giving myself a hard time of trying to think of what to do. It would of been so easy to make stickers if I only ownered a sticker making, I think I came up with the solution and ended up putting together some 3D stickers using Ginas words from her stamps and digi downloads...the end result...fabulous stickers!

These would be great to pop into a happy mail for someone or to use in your art projects and if you don't own a die cutting machine, you can always cut shapes by hand and still end up with some awesome stickers.



Once I had made the 3D stickers I used some of them for the front of my cards/notes that I send to people in my swaps or thank you notes....

Thanks for stopping by, Have a Great Day!

Thursday, 20 April 2017


I've been playing catch up with the April prompts for the facebook group My Year 2017. The prompt for this month is Crayons, Pencils and Markers. I had been picking out some inspirational artists to also learn more about during my months but after having a not so good health start to the month, I ended up finding inspiration from the teachers in the group.

My introductory page was a rather simple layout where I used paint markers, and some watercolour pencils which was quite appropriate for this month.The sticker labels were already on the page from my intial start to my journal. A quick video of the process is below...

My next page was from inspiration I found from Cindy Utter. Cindy put out a challenge awhile ago where she said to use your colouring books to make a page. So after I coloured in a few flowers and cut the out. I used a matt gel medium to collage them onto my journal page.
This was fun and the page turned out lovely.
The process can be seen in the video below...

Below is the still picture...

My final catch up layout was inspired by Jeri Bellini another one of the teachers in the facebook group. This was a fun experiment where I melted crayons, something which I had been wanting to do for such a long time. I did leave a fair bit of space on this layout so I can fill it in later with some journaling (writing). Process video is below.

and this is a picture before I added my journalling. I liked leaving the melted crayons on the card and placing it in a clear plastic bag. It ended up roughly the size of an ATC, which gave me more inspiration to actually make some ATC's out of this method.

Thanks very much for dropping by and Have a good day!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Art Journal Page

I have been making quite a few crafty things in the past couple of weeks so I thought it was time to get some paint on my fingers again. This is where I made an art journal page and using a decorated envelope that was sent to me and putting layers after layer on the pages to get an effect I was happy with. I cut the envelope up in to a couple of flowers. Hope you enjoy!

Here are a couple of pictures of the final layout.

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Altered Paper clips with SAYINGS...

I was asked by a fellow Youtuber to show my process for making my altered paper clips with the sayings on them. It is a very simple process and the end result is very lovely. They can be used in junk journals or on any other journals as an added decoration.

The background has a slap of paint on it, then is stamped on using stazon in. Then a border of faux stitching using a sharpie pen. It is then put together using hot glue and a small shaped heart or circle on the back to cover any unsightly glue.

The whole process video can be viewed below, enjoy!

Have a great day!!!

Monday, 3 April 2017

FLOW-ISH JOURNALS are addictive!!

Recently I joined a swap at our Australian Art Swap Group on facebook where we had to put together a flow-ish Journal. I absolutely love putting these together as it gives me a chance to use up a lot of papers and items I have been hoarding. A flow-ish journal is based on the Flow magazines and books with the intent that everything inside can be pulled out and used by another person in their own art works or projects.

Below are a few pictures and videos of me showing you through the ones I have put together. Once I start one, I seem to want to keep making them. Todate, I think I have put together at leadt five of these types of journals and sent them to friends and swap partners.

This Flow-ish journal is the one I made for the swap. The cover was a real estate guide booklet and I decided to decorate it, to make it look a little prettier. It is full of patterned papers, die cuts, tissue paper, handmade envelopes and pockets filled with odds and ends, that I thought the recipient would get some sort of use out of in their art projects.

This is a video of the flip through for it...showing you how I decorated the cover and also some of the items I placed inside.

The pictures below show the second flow-ish I put together straight after making the one above. I had all the items out, so why not keep going and put another one together. I do find it a very relaxing process.

 A couple of pictures showing the inside of some pages.

The cover for this flow-ish I left as is. This was a childs book that was ready to be binned and I managed to save the cover. The cover was the only thing not ripped or torn. I like the cover a great deal as this is a spin-off of the original children story 'The old lady that swallowed a fly'. This story is the Australian version called 'There was an old Lady who swallowed a mozzie'...I still keep laughing everytime I say

If you'd like to see the video of me showing you through it, it is below...

I can see myself making a few more of these flow-ish journals and sending them as happy mail or a RAK.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Day!!