Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Gina Ahrens Design Team Challenge-September- Washi and Use it!

This months challenge for the Gina Ahrens Design Team was a lot of fun. We had to make our own designed washi tape and then use it in a project. I started making the traditional type of washi by using masking tape and adding some paint and stamping on it and made it very decorative. I also used a couple of Gina's art backgrounds and placed double sided tape on the back, then cut them into stips for washi. Both methods ended up being wonderful to use in my project.

Washi strips from using Gina's art backgrounds 

I decided to make some chalk and white boards and decorate the edges with the washi I had just made using Gina's products. Using a thick cardboard very similar to chipboaard, I painted one side with blackboard paint and on the reverse side I glued down some adhesive white board film.

Then using the washi I glued it round all the edges of the boards, to make them look very decorative. These message boards were fun to make and also make awesome gifts to give to your family or friends.

Below are some pictures of the finished chalk/white message boards

A video process of the making of these message boards can be seen here:

Thank you and hope it inspires you to make some for yourself .

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