Monday, 17 July 2017

100 Things Challenge #1 and #2

I decided recently to partake in the #100thingschallenge that Rebecca from Dancingwithpits on YouTube put out. This is going to be a very interesting challenge where you ONLY use things that you already have in your craft/art stash and you don't buy anything else until after you finish the challenge. I'm gong to give this my best try in grtting to a hundred projects.

Number 1. For my first project in this challenge, I had a huge bag of assorted flower petals that had been sitting in the bag for the past two years. I rarely used them, so I thought a good way to make them usable was to layer the petals together and make them into ready to use flowers for other projects. This was a great idea and now I have these beautiful ready to use flowers.

Video below shows the finished flowers......................

Number 2. My project for this was to alter some paint brushes. I have had a few of these brushes sitting on a shelf in my studio for quite some time and finally decided to decorate them as one of the projects for the challenge. All the bits and pieces were also from my own personal stash and this was a good way to use some of it.
 Here is the video of showing the final outcome for each brush I decorated.

Below are some still shots of the final altered paint brushes........

Thanks for stopping by and come back to see the next lot of projects in the #100thingschallenge.

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