Monday, 7 March 2016

Working in an Aussie Traveling Journal

For the past to days, I have had the pleasure to work in Jans' beautiful 'Faces' journal. I really had no ideas as to what I wanted to do, so the first thing was for me to get rid of the white page and get some background colour down. I glued down some torn text papers and then started sponging on bright coloured acrylic paints. I used a few stencils and the result you can see below...

Once I was happy with the background, Ideas started flowing...even though I can't draw a face for the life of decided to cut a mask out of thick watercolor paper and I think this is when the idea of wearing a mask, covering our true emotions came from.

I used a grey blue as a base for the face and I painted and decorated the thick piece of watercolor paper for a mask. I decided to leave the underlying face relatively plain, except for one eye with a tear drop falling from it.

 So when the mask is lifted, you see one of  many emotions a persons can hide when you are staring them in the face.
I really enjoyed working in Jans' journal and am hoping you like the page. Thank you.

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