Monday, 18 April 2016

Layout in Roz's Aussie Traveling Journal

Every time I picked up Roz's journal looking for some kind of inspiration, I kept thinking of my father and our "tattered and torn apart' family. Si I went with that thought and used a family saying as the focal point of the layout. I put modelling paste, mixed with gold acrylic down and wanted to build up the layers on the page. My grandson had ripped the back page out of an old dictionary (made nanny a little angry) but I decided to use the ripped page on the page. Then to add another layer, I photocopied some of my fathers handwritten letters he had sent me about 20 years ago. Scrunched them up, ran the vintage ink over it with a teal coloured acrylic, trying to get an aged look about it.

I found some cotton netting gauze material and ran the vintage ink over it to get rid of the white starkness. I added a calico border to the page with gold paint on it. 
I found some vintage type photos from an old magazine, put gold paint around the edges and glued them on top of the letters.
I had remnants of an old table cloth my mum used when we were growing up, so I cut a flower from it with a bow attached, glued it down and then glued a teal coloured flower over the top of it. I used my ink pen to write the saying, a little bigger than I normally would as I wanted the saying to be the focal point of the layout and the pictures as fill ins. Sort of I added some of the teal to the edges of the page. Everything I tried to make look tattered and I tore all the paper used and my fathers letters and the piece of mums table cloth are my treasured. A pretty emotional layout for me but I think it turned out alright. Thank you.


  1. Lovely work Wendy, I love seeing and hearing how people come up with their ideas! :)

  2. This is fantastic Wendy...I love all the elements that you used and I am a fan of gold and always love blues and browns together. Can't wait to see it IRL!! Thank you very much!!

  3. Great page and truly from the heart. love your work


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