Saturday, 28 January 2017

Art Journal Page

This is my latest journal page after I made a template from Gina Ahrens' stamps to make a decorative border.The altered card doll is from Roz Willoughby (an aussie artist) from a swap and i thought she would look great sitting on the background of this page. Added a few hearts from some happy mail and a little tag and I really like the result of my journal page. The wording on the tag is the definition of 'precious'.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Decorating my 'bordered' page

Once I had cut the bordered edges out of my art journal using the stamp template from Gina Ahrens, I had made....I wanted to put my first journal page down and get this 2017 art journal flowing with lots of colour.

In this layout I have used quite a variety of colours from the range of distress paint dabbers. Then using a circle stencil and also a homemade stamp to add a few more layers on to the background.

My focal image is a photocopy of a collage I did at the end of 2016, which fit rather well on the colour of the background. Then stamping the saying onto a piece of baking paper and gluing it down using matte medium gel. I also used a black stabillo all pencil to define the edges of my focal image.

Finally, using a signo white pen and a sharpie fine point marker to add some highlights and definitions to the image and my page was finished


                                         " BE A BRAVER YOU AND TRY NEW THINGS."

You can view my process here...

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January's GINA AHRENS Design Team Challenge

How nervous was I? ! But, I managed to get through my very first Gina Ahrens Design Team Challenge for 2017. January's challenge prompt was 'borders;. and I gave this very much thought as to what I could bring to the table to make my video interesting as well as useful while using Gina's mixed media products.

So after a lot more thought on the challenge, I decided on using Gina Ahren's stamps as a template to create bordered pages in one of my art journals for 2017. Once the idea was there, the rest of the process was rather easy.

Using the petal shape from Gina's stamp I stamped onto a piece of recycled cardboard and then cut that shape out. My first template was created. I then used the template to draw straight onto my journal page to which I then proceeded to cut the design out.

And wholla! my first bordered art journal page....
The above picture shows the stamps I used and cut the template from to then use as a border for my art journal. Below is my youtube video showing the actual process.

If you are interested in viewing more of the design team members video, copy and paste the link belows and it will take you stright to them.
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My Layout in Joan's Creatures of the Bay Journal R3

I thoroughly enjoyed working in Joan's Creatures of the Bay Journal. I started the background by using three shades of blue and purposely going lighter towards the center for the illusion of light shining down. I used a circle stencil representing the waves or tides/flows of the ocean and also the drop of water used in the saying A rather abstract view point but I do like it.

After recently having fun in my own journals using silhouettes, I decided to use a silhouette of the beautiful whales of the ocean life. There were also some lovely patterned napkins with Joan's journal and I pulled one apart and used the beautiful shells as another layer of my ocean. I know I'm using the word 'ocean' more than "Bay" but this was what I was drawn to do in Joan's journal, so I went with it. Lastly, an appropriate saying for my spread was..."In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans"...Kahil Gibran
I am very pleased with the outcome of this layout and I hope it brings you some joy Joan, Thank you.

February 2019 Calender Page

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