Monday, 20 February 2017

Index Cards- Inspired by Banksy- Street Art

Making some index cards as part of a challenge from the facebook group MY YEAR 2017 by Cindy Utter. Cindy threw out a challenge to make some tags for February so I twerked the challenge to suit the style I was following in February and my inspirational artist for the month whom is Banksy.

I started using two normal index cards and two pieces of patterned card. On one index card I glued a brick work pattern and the left over piece I tore and glued to one of the cards. I then dabbed some Distress paint dabbers on them to put some colour on the back ground. From there I used a lead pencil, black gel pen, a white chalk pencil and white signo pen to add scribble on each of the cards. I also done some random stamping using a mixture of different stamps. On two of the index cards I also used stencils to add more interest to them.

The picture below shows the finished back grounds, which are all looking pretty cool...

Once I was happy with the back grounds, I hunted the internet finding some focal images to use on my grafitti wall background. Iprinted out a couple of images and placed them on the cards and then some finishing details of outlining the images using a black watercolour pencil.

My process video can be viewed here:

Then, I added my name in the form of a 'tag' and called my Banksy inspired street art index cards done.

 Hope you enjoy and thanks for staopping by xox Wendy xox

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