Monday, 27 February 2017

Lady Love Angels

In the facebook group My Year 2017, for February, Jeri Bellini hosted a bonus project to make some paper heart dolls/angels. The idea was wonderful and I could not help myself when it came to thinking will I or won't I course, I will...

I used a piece of background paper that was sent to me by Peggy Strong (Youtube) for the heart shaped body, some left over thin cardboard for the arms and legs and some gelli printed cardboard for the wings. The whole process can be viwed by clicking below.

And here is a still shot of the finished Lady Love Angels. The hair is made from a mop head I have been cutting strips from. I think they turned out rather cute.

My Layout in Roz Willoughby's Silhouette Journal

One of my favourite themes is the silhouette and I finally had the chance to work in Roz Willoughby's silhouette themed journal. The pag...