Monday, 27 February 2017

Lady Love Angels

In the facebook group My Year 2017, for February, Jeri Bellini hosted a bonus project to make some paper heart dolls/angels. The idea was wonderful and I could not help myself when it came to thinking will I or won't I course, I will...

I used a piece of background paper that was sent to me by Peggy Strong (Youtube) for the heart shaped body, some left over thin cardboard for the arms and legs and some gelli printed cardboard for the wings. The whole process can be viwed by clicking below.

And here is a still shot of the finished Lady Love Angels. The hair is made from a mop head I have been cutting strips from. I think they turned out rather cute.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Index Cards- Inspired by Banksy- Street Art

Making some index cards as part of a challenge from the facebook group MY YEAR 2017 by Cindy Utter. Cindy threw out a challenge to make some tags for February so I twerked the challenge to suit the style I was following in February and my inspirational artist for the month whom is Banksy.

I started using two normal index cards and two pieces of patterned card. On one index card I glued a brick work pattern and the left over piece I tore and glued to one of the cards. I then dabbed some Distress paint dabbers on them to put some colour on the back ground. From there I used a lead pencil, black gel pen, a white chalk pencil and white signo pen to add scribble on each of the cards. I also done some random stamping using a mixture of different stamps. On two of the index cards I also used stencils to add more interest to them.

The picture below shows the finished back grounds, which are all looking pretty cool...

Once I was happy with the back grounds, I hunted the internet finding some focal images to use on my grafitti wall background. Iprinted out a couple of images and placed them on the cards and then some finishing details of outlining the images using a black watercolour pencil.

My process video can be viewed here:

Then, I added my name in the form of a 'tag' and called my Banksy inspired street art index cards done.

 Hope you enjoy and thanks for staopping by xox Wendy xox

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Flower Fabric Book

I have finally decorated my first fabric journal with some laces and my handmade lace flowers (that I made a few years ago) and I am so very happy with the way it turned out. Totally out of my comfort zone using pretty laces but I did it after some encouraging words and tips from a friend. Thank you Grace xox

Below is a video of the flip through...

 and some still shots of it as well...
 The front cover using my enormous hamdmade lace flower...

The inside pages...

...and the back cover....
Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day !!!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

My Year 2017- January

I am participating in a year long free journaling course that is being run from a facebook group, MY YEAR 2017.
 I made a journal from recycling pamphlets and brochures and I plan on using it as a creative journal and not as a day-to-day 'normal' journaling journal. I am also finding creative inspiration from other well known or not so well known artists. The inspirational artist I chose for January was Tschabalala Self.
 Below are a few of January's layouts. The prompt for January was Bubbles, Confetti and Bling. I chose to do a double layout using the prompts individually. The first being bubbles...

A process video of my layout...

My second layout here is confetti and I have also tried to incorporate Self's style in my layout and that being an abstract depiction of myself sun baking on the beach...Every time I look at this picture I smile and have a little chuckle. I think it is a good For the confetti I used a hole punch and punched a heap out a heap of circles from blue paper, depicting the water. I swim quite a lot in our summer months.

A processvideo of my layout...

My last layout is a wrap up of the month with what I had done using another abstract drawing of myself on the day of my birthday. Also on this page I have used a little 'bling' to finish off all the prompts we were given for January.

...and finally the back 'wrap-up' page for January...

The video below is the video 'wrap-up' for January...

Hope you enjoyed...I thoroughly enjoyed finding inspiration from Tschabalala Self, She is an amazing artist. Hope you stop by to see which artist I am finding inspiration from for February.

                         HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Handmade Journal-Themed 'BUGS and BLOOMS'

I started making this journal around November 2016, working on it a little bit at a time. The theme of this journal is 'Bugs and Blooms' and I was so happy with its progress until the spine of it split on one edge, needless-to-say this journal I will be keeping now and not swapping it, as this was my plan to start with.

It really did turn out lovely and I had a lot of fun making the tags and putting it all together.

This video shows a flip through of the completed journal.

A few of the pages inside are shown below:

Hope you enjoy! Thank you xox

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Altered Deck of Cards-Inspirational Quotes

Recently, our Australian Art Swap Group held a swap for 22 altered playing know the ones from a deck of cards. We had to alter them as well as put some sort of inspirational quote on them.

I used a sheet of 12 x 12 patterned paper, with the patterned side facing down. Then, I glued all my playing cards on to of the paper. This way I had a nice backing on my soon to be altered cards.

After giving the cards a very light sanding,I proceeded to gesso the substrate I am using (the glued down cards) and then once that was dry, I continued to decorate it by using some acrylic paints, stencils, stamps and really, anything I felt like doing at the the backgrounds were dry, I cut the cards out individually and ended up with 45 altered background cards.

My process for the background can be seen on my you tube channel here:

Once I had completed all the backgrounds, I then went through my box of bit'n'pieces to find some images I could glue down for some added interest. I also found quite a few Inspirational quotes on the net and printed them out. The last stage was for me to paste down an image with a quote and the end result can be seen altered deck of cards, ready for swapping.

Below is my video showing the finished altered deck of cards

         Thank you for stopping by xox

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