Wednesday, 22 March 2017

ART DOLLS - wire

This is an awesome project and I'm not sure when I will actually be finished them. These art dolls are made from wire to which I have glued scrap strips of paper and other bits n pieces to them such as laces, flowers, altered jigsaw puzzle pieces, beads and anything else that was floating around my table from other finished projects.

On the back of this one, I glued a layered fabric flower that I received from a swap last year.I used it to give her a bussle.

   The two below are still works in progress as I find myself still adding scrap pieces to them.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Altered Junk Mail - Art Journal

 There was a recent swap being held in our Australian Swap Group on facebook where we had to alter junk mail for our partner. So, when I received an information booklet for Bowel Cancer, I decided to use that as my project, after reading through it, of course!

 This is a picture of the booklet, I used.

To start with, I pasted a heap of patterned papers, gelli prints and scrap papers to each page mainly to cover up most of the wording and a few of the pictures related to the content of the booklet..This was very therapeutic and a relaxing process. Posted below are a few of the pages after I finished gluing on some of the scrap papers.

I then decided to pretty up the front of the altered junk mail and do the front cover, as you can see in the picture below.

If you prefer to see the whole process of the front cover you can view it by watching the video below.

                                                 Hope you enjoy! Have a Great Day !

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Latest layout for My Year 2017

The prompt for My Year 2017 in March is 'trash and make it pretty' I am putting a little spin on this months prompt and also adding the style of retro with it. Really not sure how I'm going to go with this style but I am definitely going to give it my best try. Just like everything dealing with art, it is in the artists own interpretation of it, so this is what I've come up with...

This is my introductory page in my Year 2017 Journal. I have tried doing my page using some of the geometric images. Not sure if this is ever going to grow on I gave it a shot.

My first layout in my journal was what I would call a rather 'plain' page but at least with this one, I actually like the outcome. Using the bright blue as a background, although, rather plain, seemed to set the tone for the rest of the page.

You can view the process of my pages in the following videos...
This is my intro page...

and my first page layout here...

Thank you and Have a great day!! Wendy xox

Friday, 10 March 2017

#oopsadaisyhop - Scrap embellishments

I had the pleasure of psrticipating in a video hop on youtube that was hosted by Peg Robinson. The theme for the hop was Oops-a-daisy....

#oopsadaisyhop According to
The form in which it is now most commonly spoken and spelled is 'oops-a-daisy'. The first known printed record of any form of the term is in Clough Robinson's The dialect of Leeds and its neighbourhood, 1862: Upsa daesy! a common ejaculation when a child, in play, is assisted in a spring-leap from the ground. Encouragement as some may call it. We as members of The YouTube art community proudly present our Oops-a-daisy videos as  a stepping off point for you. After watching the video above, hop to the next artists’ video by clicking on the first link below. Watch each video & continue to click on the first link below the video. You will know you have viewed all of the videos when you return to the first video you viewed! Happy Hopping!

I decided to work with pieces of scrap papers from patterned paper to gelli prints and other scrap pieces to make them into layered embellishments that could be used on tags, cards or even in art journal pages. I really enjoyed doing this technique of layering bits of torn paper on top of each other to make these embellishmnets. Hope you enjoy the video... xox

and a still shot of the layered embellishment tags below:

Thursday, 9 March 2017

My work in An Aussie Traveling Journal

Today, I remembered I had not blogged and shown pictures of my work in Deb's Pinterest Inspired Journal. I found working on the loose pages rather relaxing and after spending hours and then a few more hours going through the pictures on Pinterest, I finally found some inspiration from a few pictures. Mainly a couple that I had wanted to try for a few months and then another that kind of jumped out at me and said..."Do Me!...Do Me ! of course, I did.

This is the front of the folded page with a saying "Believe You Can". The background, I have used different colours of gellatos as well as a couple of distress paint dabbers. I have done a little bit of stenciling and some stamping. Placed a slither of washi tape along the bottom of the page which gives my little angel girl something to stand on...heehee

My angel girl has been made from a left over gelli print and her legs from black cardboard and drawing  the lines on with a white paint marker. I have painted her face on the page and used a piece of one of my grandsons painting for the wings. I think she turned out pretty cool. I used a credit card to put the black paint markings on the page for added detail.

                                                             "Believe You Can"

When the page is opened this is the center layout, below. I started by laying down some bright coloured paints so when I blocked out the background colours, those colours would show through the images I had drawn. For the flower heads, I used a gelli print and I drew on the stems. The leaves were also cut from a gelli print. I used some flower stamps at the bottom of the page and went over them with a black gel pen and some highlights with a white signo pen. I drew the shape of the raindrops and the background colours can be seen through them. Pretty cool effect, I think.

                                          "You can't make a rainbow without alittle rain"

I was very happy with the outcome of this page and found that I actually like doing this 'blocking' technique and having the colourful background showing through my doodles.

The last half page was my cute little birdie. My inspiriational birdie was actually a lot brighter in colour than mine but I thoroughly enjoyed working through this process. I started with the brightly painted background and then some stenciling and stamping. I lightly drew the little birdie and then tried my hand at dry brushing the colour to fill him. A drawn little crown on his head and he was complete. I was very inspired by the one I found on Pinterest, that I can see myself trying my hand at this one again sometime. I used a white signo to highlight around the little bird and his wings and called it complete.

                                                     "Life Is An Adventure"

 So,there you go, I think you will be pleased with my contribution Deb, I had a lot of fun, especially trying to work out how it had been done in the first place. Thoroughly enjoyed this process in Deb's Journal. Thank you all and hope you enjoy! xox Wendy

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Artist Trading Cards (ATC)

It was time to have a play around and make some Artist Trading Cards. I was using the small canvas boards that a lovely person had gifted to me. I started by placing a layer of paint down using my paint dabbers. Then proceeded to do some stamping on each canvas board and on top of the stamping, I had fun with a touch of stenciling. I wanted to use up some of the scraps of paper and other items I had floating around on my desk, so on each ATC, I put some ripped paper, some fiber and a small saying of sorts. Then individually added some fibers, buttons and shapes such as a heart and circles.

Here are some pictures of the final results:




They turned out pretty cool considering they have been made from bits and pieces of materials I had floating around my desk.

                                                      HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Letter Journal Layouts

Here are some of my recent Letter Journal layouts I've done...

This was for an unthemed Lj

This was also an unthemed Lj...and I found inspiration for this layout from Pinterest...

This letter journal was themed Retro and was a lot of fun to make...

A little human interest

I have thoroughly been enjoying getting inspiration from the infamous Banksy for the month of February and finding out all about Street Art and graffiti. So to wrap up my month I decided to do a bit of traveling around my home town/area and tape some street art. Just a little human interest video. Hope you enjoy! xox

February 2019 Calender Page

The prompt for this month was Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose. The piece of art at the top was made from scribbling textas onto a piece of acet...