Saturday, 21 November 2015

Two Finished DAJ pages for a swap

I had a very eventful crafting day today. I'm still on the 'steampunk' Deconstructed Art Journal (DAJ) pages. I finished two today that I will be using for a swap at the Australian Art Swap Group on facebook. I'm pretty pleased with the way these pages turned out. They were both similar but I used different images on them. Hope this inspires you to have a go for yourself.

The is the front of the first DAJ page
 This is the middle of the first page...Full of texture and bits and pieces.
 And the back side of the first page...I collaged the mechanical horse head on the different but I liked it.
 This is the front of the second page...
 ...and the middle, It is full of texture and I love it.
 This is the back of the second page. I really like how this turned out.
Hope it gives you some inspiration to try it yourself.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Journal page in Art Log

Had a lot of fun doing this page. When I stopped worrying about how it will end up and not thinking about how it is looking thru the stages, I am finding I am enjoying doing the genre steampunk.  I placed a few strips of paper down over a gessoed page and used acrylic paint in Steel Blue and red ochre.
 Used a few rub ons which I haven't used before and with the first one I actually rubbed it on the wrong side and took off half the butterfly I placed on the bottome of her dress. Well, learn by your I also used three clock face stickers I had in my stash of ephemera for awhile.
 Also stamped a script stamp on the background. White acrylic paint stippled on for stean coming from the hot air balloon. I really like this effect.
 A little flourish in two of the corners, photocopied pictures of the clock and hot air balloon and the lady is a cut out from a magazine. Also a few more rub ons of cogs.
Hope you enjoyed my page and go and try one for yourself.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

DAJ page -SteamPunk

I had a very productive day today. Well, sort of. I was trying out a new genre for me which was steampunk. There is a swap coming up at the end of this month for a steampunk deconstructed art journal page (DAJ) and this was my first time trying the theme of steampunk. I had watched quite a few videos to give me some sort of idea on what to do. Any way, here is the finished product of my first DAJ page themed Steampunk.
This is the front...
 Here is the back...
 And this is the middle of the page...
I still have two more pages to do for the swap and they will be similar but slightly different than this one.This is quite a challenge for me and totally out of my comfort zone but like I always say, "You've got to give it a go!"

Saturday, 14 November 2015

My Christmas House In The Making

I have a few projects in the making and the first one I'd like to share with you all is this handmade recycled cardboard house. I will be decorating it with a Christmas theme, and here's hoping I have it made and decorated before Christmas.

So as you can see below, I have made a start on my house, I have used a box from one of my daughters' Avon deliveries but you can use an empty box you have laying around. My measurements for this are: width is 12 inches and the height to center roof point is roughly 18 inches. The sides of the house are around 1 1/2 inches (I used the width of my ruler and just cut so not really measuring).

Then using the hot glue gun, I glued the sides, top and bottom and the roof onto the cut out base of the house.
From there I roughly measured the rooms for the inside and glued in the dividing walls using the hot glue. For the bottom, middle and attic I used a gel medium to glue down crinkled tissue paper on the walls and roof of each room (I wanted a lot of texture ), But as I wanted a different texture for the top floor, I decided to glue down some paddle pop sticks (which will be painted over later) so the walls would have a more timber look to them.
My next step was to give it all a good coating with some gesso. This is to get it ready to put some colour on to it. Front covered in gesso...
 ...and back
My next step is to paint the back and using a brick stencil to make it look like a brick house.

So now the back and sides have dried, I am going to give the rooms on the front a coat of paint. I have decided to use a pale blue colour for the rooms. I have mixed an antique white (a cream colour) with ultramarine blue to give me the pale blue for inside the walls. I will have to give the rooms with the paddle pop sticks a couple more coats of paint to bring them into line with the other rooms. The colour of the sticks were a bit bright, so they definitely will need more coats of paint.
So, at this moment, I am quite happy with how far I have progressed I love the texture on the walls and ceilings, yes, I am very happy with it so far.

 Now the fun starts and that is decorating the individual rooms with a Christmas theme.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Art Journal Pages

I thought I would like to share some of my art journal pages as this being the first blog I'm doing. Please enjoy... This is a page done in my 'quote journal'. I use this journal to write down quotes I like and on the odd pages I will do art.
 This next page is from a journal that I made and I use for experimenting in. I had a lot of fun experimenting with circles.
 The next couple of pages have been made from happy mail that has been sent to me. This is where I have also started my shading technique under the hearts. If you would like to see how this type of shading is done, copy the  link here:
 ...another page from happy mail.
 This is also a happy mail page. You can tell I like flowers, can't

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